MSSQL 2008 R2 veritabanı sunucusunun sürümleri arasındaki farklılıklara aşağıda yer alan tablolardan bakabilirsiniz.

1) Performance and Scalability


2) High Availability

3) Virtualization Support

4) Replication

5) Enterprise Security

6) Single Instance RDBM S Management

7) Application and Multi-Instance Management

8 ) Management Tools

9) Development Tools

10) Programmability

11) Spatial and Location Services

12) Complex Event Processing (StreamInsight)

13) Integration Services Advanced Adapters

14) Integration Services Advanced Transforms

15) Data Warehouse

16) Analysis Services

17) Analysis Services-Advanced Analytic Functions

18) Data Mining

19) Reporting

20) Business Intelligence Clients

21) Master Data Services





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